Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Can I Try Today Again?

Wednesdays suck.

I'm teaching a 10am and 11am class. Then I've got a 12pm Japanese class followed by a 3 hour seminar at 1pm. So, you read that right, 6 hours straight of class. Today was even better because I had a presentation in the seminar on a topic that I don't really grok. In the seminar of course, we spent more time on other material that I not only don't grok, but also didn't prepare. When we got around to my presentation, there wasn't enough time, so I had to rush through it.

To recap: I'm tired. I didn't teach well, I wasn't able to turn in some homework for Japanese, I looked like a complete idiot on the seminar material we covered and I didn't have enough time to even try to make up my ignorance with a mediocre presentation.

I might also add that there is a Japanese test tomorrow, too.

Guh. Feh. and Bah.


jayfish said...

see why i don't go to school!??

sheepish said...

Sounds like you need to get in some extra grokking practice. (Now I'm inordinately amused that Firefox's spell checker has no problem with grokking.)

I threw a fit when the department scheduled me to teach two course back-to-back, let alone having six hours straight. Yeesh.

Scrivener said...

6 hours straight of classes would be pretty tough if you were just a student in them, but to teach a couple of hours and then go straight into being a student for 4 hours has got to be a killer. I feel for you.