Monday, October 06, 2008

Memo to dude in the main campus cafe bathroom:

I'm sure I could spend a long time trying to figure out why you were standing in the middle of the urinal area with you shirt off. I mean, ok, I could see that you were casually texting away, but, well, why? I guess that's my question.

To make this shorter than it could be, I'll simply add: WTF?


As dictated, with full knowledge of the joyous juxtiposition, on my new Blackberry. With all my clothes on. As far as you know.


maura said...

well, that all depends. where was his shirt?

if it was hanging down from his back pocket, he probably thought he was pretty groovy.

if it was over his shoulder, maybe he just came into the bathroom after a sprint.

if it was sticking out of his backpack, maybe he was texting to his girlfriend about how to get out a chocolate milk stain.

if it was on the floor, maybe he had a 'flashdance' moment.

if it was nowhere to be seen, maybe he's very forgetful. or maybe he was sending a text message to the police about the man who just took the shirt off his back :)

Overread said...

It was on the floor! Does that mean I missed the flashdance moment? :(

maura said...

i'm very sorry to say.. yes. i put an 80% probability on you missing an episode that was either Flashdance or Risky Business in nature. A true outburst of adolescent self-indulgence, all there in your bathroom.

Ah, to be a fly on the wall.

Oh, there's also the 7% possibility that he's one of those very funny people who actually rips the shirt off of his back when he's mad (which would have been even more worthwhile to see), and the 13% possibility that he was examining the mole on his chest in order to write a full description of it on the school health center registration site.

Either way, it would have been intense :)