Tuesday, January 03, 2006

First, I want one of these. I guess I couldn't be more hermitish, could I?

Along the psychic lines of Postsecret, Found has great stuff (I think I've linked there before, but I rediscovered it and how much I love it. Examples:
1: Note "To the fat ass butch dyke"(link may be to the daily find, so if it's not the note 'to the fat ass butch dyke' when you click on that, my apologies.
2: Note to the "Pushy Twit," aka Dryer Dictator
3: Note to God, Re: Monsters
4: Note to the "parent(s) of the girl who lives on the 2nd floor." It's all about the stationary.
5: Finally, it's important to make lists about things you might forget to do.

I am working, really I am. I just create a little backlog of links and then just dump them all at once. Really. That's the ticket. I even got my email inbox cleaned out today. Wow.

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