Monday, January 02, 2006


I just fixed a problem that had been troubling my adviser and myself for a long while. To figure it out properly would have taken weeks or months in the depths of a particularly nasty portion of the library. Thanks to the internets and my handy laptop, I teased out the problem in a couple of hours. The wild thing is - the problem was what we thought is was, and it doesn't really impact the research, but we had to know for sure, so I had to figure it out even if it won't end up in the thesis, and it at most will get a little footnote. What I can't get over is that people who did what I'm doing now in years gone by must have had brains the size of cattle. How else could they have trudged through all of this without the internets?

I'm a lucky lucky little dude.

Who knows what the next generation of folks will be able to do?

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