Monday, January 02, 2006


What is this work I see in front of me? I've been crunching through data-stuff for about four hours now and I've come to the conclusion that all of this thesis stuff was written by aliens. Otherwise, how could it be possible that I did all of this? I certainly don't remember being so motivated enough to write all 60-ish pages of this over here, and I have no idea who wrote all these notes over there. Perhaps I should keep going through this stuff. There may be something useful in here.

I've turned in all my PhD applications now. I don't have to actually finish the MA now, right?

Ooo on the bonus plus extra good side, I got a check from a photo gig I did a few weeks ago. I was doing it for a guy in the athletics department almost as a favor, and so I told him to pay me what he thought he could squeeze out of the budget. I never expected to be paid with real money. I mean, it's not like 'buy a brand new lens' kind of money, but it's close to 'rent for a month' money, and where I live that's really big bux!

hmm.. new lens...

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