Saturday, May 20, 2006

Grading Gem

Not an exact quote - I changed it to protect the innocent incoherent:

The group which was led by Mr Man whose philosophies were based on the thoughts of Jesus Christ, that cut a swath of destruction throughout the entire region.

I think I get what Mr. student is getting at, but I just love the image of this maniacal 50 foot tall Jesus tearing through huge geographical areas.

While I'm on a mental hygiene break, I've got some good links, too.  I always forget to mark down where I got them, though.  Most probably Boing Boing, Kottke, or Stumbleupon:

(video) The trailer for the new reimagining of The Ten Commandments

(video) A talking head reveals a heroic mountain climber's disability

(video) Charleston dancers set to a new tune

The healing of a scar left by an old railroad line in San Francisco

umm...  ok, that's about it - I'll get back to work now :(

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