Saturday, May 20, 2006

How Can You Not Appreciate Good Spam Poetry?

The email was entitled 'Your wealth., goat-horned'

Genius, no? I think I may use that for the title of my autobiography. There was the standard make a million in work at home scheme spiel. Ah, but then, then follows the muse-touched beauty:

faun-colored overflow bug kedani fever
cat-locks pressure governor candle paper
blink comparator peppermint stringbark crystal malt
well-behated mid-crowd ding-a-ling
sky-line pneumatico-hydraulic pseudo professor
gas-operated forward-bearing terror-breeding
pseudo marriage spring-raised wit-abused
pistol carbine muscle cell resonance wave coil

In all seriousness, there are some really interesting images in there. I really like 'gas-operated forward-bearing terror-breeding.' Such a powerful imagining of the industrial military world. Followed up with, 'pistol carbine muscle cell resonance wave coil,' which envisions the bullet from all weapons tearing through muscle and cells, and the ripple of impact waves through the body. And of course all this is started with the subtle danger hidden in natural beauty that has gone beyond nature - 'faun-colored overflow bug kedani fever'

Why yes, I should be grading and finishing my thesis, why do you ask?

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