Sunday, June 25, 2006

Don't Tell Anyone,

I feel busier now getting ready for this class than I did when I was getting the thesis together.  Feh, anyway, my dirty secret is that I'm still getting out and running:

Fri: 8.27km - 38'46"
Today: 8.23km - 38'45"

Funny, yeah.  Consistency's gotta count for something, right?

So yesterday I went shopping to get a couple more 'Lookie, lookie, I'm an adult' shirts.  I know I can never really pull off the illusion, but if I can trick the students into buying it for the first week or so, I figure it's in my favor.  Good grief though, I forgot how proud of their nice clothing those stores are.  I spent a lot more money than I thought I would.  Ended up with some nice stuff though, so I guess it's ok. 

I'm still lacking shorts that fit my new waist size though.  That's lower priority, but still, I finally feel like one of the cool kids, because my shorts want to ride with the waist somewhere around mid-thigh.  I just roll like that, you know.  I guess paisley underwear should be on my list too...

Final random notes:
  • The machine is out of diet coke, so I'm drinking my first non-diet coke in a long long time.  Tastes funky.  I want my unnatural chemicals back in my beverage!
  • If I played for Brazil, my name would be 'Overreaca.'  It's true because a website told me.
  • Yesterday's outing also involved Ice Cream.  Phish Food, you are my true love.
  • I'm not a student here anymore, so I've got to pay for the bus and for the gym.  Feh.  At least my library card still works

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