Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I snuck out to see a movie instead of running today.  I don't want to say much about the particulars.  It's sort of odd, it seems like there are a lot of 'new' things, but I kept on thinking, wow, there's really nothing fresh about this.  It's the same old stuff happening the same way it always does (without Richard Pryor as a computer whiz, thank goodness). 

There's one really big 'surprise,' but I really didn't like the way they handled it.  Overall, I enjoyed most of the movie, but left me feeling very unfulfilled, and very unsatisfied with what passed for the 'character' of Superman.

I'm glad I saw it, but I'm even more glad that I didn't have my hopes that high


jayfish said...

i know a bunch of people who saw it yesterday but they all seemed to have problems with the presentation. one group of folks had half of the movie spliced backwards while another group tried to see it in 3d at the imax but due to "technical difficulties" were shuffled to a different screen (an hour later).

Overread said...

the quality of the actual film that I saw yesterday was pretty poor for a new movie. Lot's of stringys and dots. Colors seemed ok. I will say that you'll need to look elsewhere if you want good CGI though

Camera Obscura said...

I was all set to boycott SR on the premise that it took Brian Singer away from the X-Men franchise and X-3 was totally ruined, not to mention that Supes just never really was my cuppa (I'm all about the Bats.)

Then all the magazine and newspapers were giving it really good reviews, so I decided I'd probably relent and go see it, especially if Hubs went into "I'll see it without you" mode. But now word-on-the-street is all coming back totally meh on both content and quality, and I'm starting to return to my original plans. I think Hubs is leaning the same direction.