Monday, June 26, 2006

Post Lecturum

Wow.  Lecturing is so... different.  The students weren't taking notes.  I wasn't really hitting a lot of content on day one, but still, shouldn't they be taking notes?  Also, there are several ringers in the class.  They know the subject really pretty well (and two of them could probably teach the class themselves), so I was always running my eyes back to them to see how they were taking it.  Nerve-wracking. 

On the plus side, I didn't run out of material.  I thought I planned a bit too much, and it turns out that I planned a bit too much, so I guess that's good.  Also, I have a handful of good talkers, and a couple of people very interested in getting into content arguments, so that's nice.  Maybe during discussion they can pull some of the quieter ones out of their shells. 

Oh yeah, one guy went to sleep and one guy came in one hour late and asked when the class started.  :)


sheepish said...

Oh my, yes. Students are so good at making me feel paranoid by not taking notes, taking too many notes, sleeping, whispering to each other, and so on. Ahhhhh!

liz said...

Many pats on the back from this undergrad!

Now, go get yourself the beverage of your choice.