Thursday, June 29, 2006

Teaching Notes

  • Has anyone done a study of teachers getting white-lung (chalk-dust inhalation sickness)?  If so, can I get workers' comp?
  • Three students saw Superman - 2 enthusiastic thumbs up, and one 'meh,' as Camera Obscura puts it.
  • I am actually where I planned to be after the first week of lectures.  I'm stunned.
  • Tomorrow is for analyzing the readings.  Danger danger danger.
    • It's odd - I'm used to being able to lean on the professor's presence in discussions.  If there's something I don't know, it's never been a problem because I'll just say, I'll ask the professor.  It sounds a lot more sketchy if it's 'I'll go look that up.'
    • I can also play against the big bad professor - "Well, it is a difficult reading, but the professor thinks it's important, so...  Now I'll have to actually be responsible for my actions!  I'm an American for crying out loud!  I don't do that well at that!

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