Friday, December 22, 2006

The Bird Is NOT The Word.

Ok. See, one of the problems I have when trying to convince people I'm not gay (happens more often than you'd think or I'd hope) is that I enjoy musicals more than most folks. I've mentioned before that I can sing almost all of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I'm also fairly fluent in some others, and well... one of those 'others' is Grease.

Although I cannot be convinced that Sandra Dee wasn't much more attractive before she went all slut-o-rific in the final scene, I really like the film more than perhaps than I should. I say film, because I've only seen it live once, and if I remember correctly, it was a high school production. I think. It better have been, because it was god-awful.

So, imagine my surprise when I see this. Go ahead. Go check it out. There's a video there on the main page so it might not be work friendly, but you better not still be at work anyway, right?

So, I'm really torn. I think I'd really enjoy watching the decent singers audition and all, but umm... Did you watch that video? Are they going to porn up the show? 'Cause that's what it looks like. Grease ain't Cabaret. T'aint Chicago neither. Hey, I'm no prude, and I've got no beef with porn (pardon that phrasing), but I think that the sexuality of Grease needs to be at least a little understated - else who would be surprised at Rizzo's pregnancy scare? If the Pink Ladies turn out to be a little gang of Paris Hiltons, then I'll be oh so sad.

Maybe I'm too stuck on the movie being the only 'right' version. I do that. Woe betide anyone who covers a favorite song of mine.

So, it'll be on my record list, but I'm wary...


jayfish said...

okay, that's just gross...

i wonder if they know that grease is supposed to take place in the 50's?

liz said...


And you know I can out-recite you on RHPS.

knightjorge said...

Is it wrong that I wanted to scream and run away?

Camera Obscura said...

The original stage show was a lot more sexed-up than the movie, which is why John Travolta had to sneak Glad Wrap onto the set for "Greased Lightning."

But even so, this looks awful.