Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Holidays To All

After a wild dash across and back across the nation, I've come back from the land of wind and dry skin. Fortunately for me, it's also the land of family, lots of food, and some kick-ass presents. Old stories were told. Old songs were sung, and I was reminded how much I really like my family. I know so many people who really dislike their family, so I guess I got off lucky. Throughout multiple flight delays (I had the least troubles - one delay and one missed flight, but a first class upgrade and a free ticket on an airline that I'm not sure I would want to fly with again, so it was pretty much a wash for me), holiday cheer was retained.

The obvious stars of the entire production were naturally the nieces. To get all the cliches out of the way, They're HUGE! The youngest is walking around and talking (the best thing you can hear is a toddler squealing out "Again! Again!" after seeing a trick or funny face), and the eldest is the cleverest thing on the planet.

I'm using today as a recovery day and then I'll go back into the research and work stuff tomorrow. I really needed that break. I feel recharged. That could also be because I actually did get out and run this morning. That'll be int he next post. Err... you've probably already seen it though. It's up there above this one, I'll bet.

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