Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Won't My Mommy Besoproudofme?

Funny story. So yesterday I went wandering and found a funny sign. Here it is:
Ha ha very funny, right?

I think I offended the bee gods. Out for a morning run, they had obviously set a trap for me. I'm sure they scouted my path. I run it often, so there'd be no problem there. The best place for a special assault ambush would be on the part of the trail that weaves around the shrubbery (ni!). I was completely unawares, happily bopping along while a lone courageous bee made her final arrangements.

Finally I passed the go-point and she rushed at me. Into my mouth! I reflexively coughed her out, but by then it was too late. She had made her glorious attack striking deep at the back of my throat and would no doubt be a heroine mourned well and long at one of those honey-soaked bacchanals we've heard so much about.

So. Anyway, it doesn't seem too bad. I'm not allergic, thank goodness. I checked my throat in the mirror and I can see where I got stung. It's a bit swollen, but it doesn't seem to be affecting my breathing or swallowing. The cool thing is that my voice has dropped an octave.

Personally I think this calls for ice cream and movies.

Bonus points for anyone who can sing the rest of the song from the title.


zerodoll said...

absolutely time for ice cream!

(i was surprised a few years ago at how bad a bee sting is; i hadn't been stung since i was little little.)

Ianqui said...

I'm puking up my baby bumblebee! Won't my mommy be so proud of me?

(At least, that was one of the verses we had!)

Dude, this sounds horrifying. I would be totally traumatized if this had happened to me.

Overread said...

Hooray for Ianqui! You win... um... my very sincere congratulations. A victim of summer camp were you? My sister was and I heard that song all. the. time.

I am kind of traumatized though. Maybe I should run with a mask :)

Ok - I'm off to get ice cream now :)

Ianqui said...

I think I need ice cream just thinking about it.

jayfish said...

sweet! did you get a picture??