Sunday, June 10, 2007

Know Your Blogger

I know most everyone got done with spring classes a long time ago, but I just got done with mine. Well, all but the grading. So thus ends my first academic year at USU. I don't think I'm ready to put together a full review of the year. Hopefully that will come later.

That being said, when I thought the blog was gone, I figured I would start a new one. I was going to start off with a State of the Overread. Anyway, the blog was saved, but I still feel like I should do a bit of a status report.

Overread, one each.
  • Physical Characteristics:
    • Body:
      • Shortish, a touch on the heavy side.
    • Hair:
      • Brown hair everywhere
      • I can sing most of the musical 'Hair.' Badly.
    • Other:
      • bad eyes (also brown)
      • legs that can run for a long time when forced
  • Family:
    • Older brother, Older sister, mother and assorted others that aren't online and thus won't be mentioned. All amazing people. Some even have blogs if you know where to look.
  • Personal Life:
    • Undetectable by modern scientific means. It's probably time to head to the online matchmaker site, or.... the mail-order bride sites?
  • Point of Origin:
    • Smack dab in the middle of the US
  • Current Location:
    • Urban Sprawl University
  • Education Status:
    • First attempt at university (Kashyyyk U) with a theatre degree terminated due to opportunity to make fame and fortune in NYC.
      • Sidenote: fame and fortune not made in NYC or elsewhere. Well, yet.
    • BA (Partyschool U) in Gruub Studies
    • MA (Partyschool U) in Gruub Studies
    • 1 year of PhD completed in Gruub studies
  • Current Projects:
    • Paper on [REDACTED] due in the spring: Very interesting, possibly dissertation feed-in material (which is very cool and terrifying at the same time). Unfortunately, only partially finished and most likely to be delayed
    • Paper on [REDACTED] due in the fall: Also very interesting, but a very big stretch for me (You mean I have to research what? Umm... How exactly?), and probably not particularly useful for the dissertation.
  • Plans for the Future:
    • Summer: still up in the air. There are hopes for a 8 week trip to [To be announced later]
    • Fall:
      • Seminars out the wazoo
      • Another year of TAing (the same class I TAed this last year. Hopefully that means less class prep)
    • Lottery win.


~profgrrrrl~ said...

This should totally become a meme.

Overread said...

yes yes! Take and enjoy it!