Monday, February 18, 2008


Sprinting the straights and jogging the curves.

I haven't really talked gear before.
I'm using Sporttracks, an incredible piece of freeware that pulls the data from my Garmin Forrunner 305 and overlays the plot points on Google maps. I've used Nike+ and the previous Nike pedometer system, but I'm happiest with this combination. You get good tracking of your gear (reminding you to switch out shoes), automatic weather tracking, weight maintenance options and all sorts of fun charts.

- Sporttracks doesn't handle the heartrate info that the Forerunner 305 has, so I still have to use the abysmal Garmin Training software for that.
- The one thing that Nike+ does that I really miss is pretty par for the course for Apple-related stuff. It's the pretty. Nike+'s website is really wonderful, and I loved using it, I just wish they didn't demand that you are only able to use their own proprietary crap. I should rephrase. The iPod is most certainly not crap, it's just not the crap that I want. Why not allow me to buy into the Nike+ system with a different piece of crap?


zerodoll said...

so wait. you ran 20 miles and then the next day you did sprints on a track?

The Duck said...

you know, I run with shoes.