Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mrs. Robinson, You AreTrying To Quiz Me.

Ah! Now you folks are back in the swing of things! Including a late catch by the Quarterflashing Corndog. Now there's an image. Which quarter, I wonder?

Anywhoo - numbers 2 and 8 were through the holes in the net last time- #2 was Rod Stewart's "Infatuation" and well, hey, I never thought I'd catch you guys with a Madonna, but there ya go - "Who's That Girl?" for #8.

Let's do this again, shall we? I'm still stuck on the 80s channel, so bear with me:

Gave you my heart, gave you my soul
You left me alone here
With nothing to hold
Yesterday's gone
Now all I want is a smile

It's gotta be night and say
Just a matter of time
And we got nothing to be guilty of
Our love will climb any mountain near or far , we are
And we never let it end
We are devotion

The problem's plain to see:
too much technology
Machines to save our lives.
Machines dehumanize

you know,ain't no plans with a man,
this is the 80s and
I'm down the ladies

You ask if I love you, well what can I say?
You know that I do and if this is just one of those games that we play
So I'll sing you a new song, please don't cry anymore
and then I'll ask your forgiveness, though I don't know just what I'm
asking it for

Won't some sweet mama come and take a chance with me
'Cause I ain't so bad

I'm so in love with you
Ill be forever blue
That you give me no reason
You know you're making me work so hard

I want to love you, feel you, wrap myself around you
I want to squeeze you, please you, I just can't get enough
And if you move real slow I let it go

I call, you're not at home
You're home, but you're not alone
If you wanna leave
Then why don't you say
Your love has gone anyway

Could you like just picture me in like a leather teddy
Yeah right, hurt me, hurt me...
I'm sure! no way!


jayfish said...

#5 hold me now - thompson twins
#6 i ain't got nobody - david lee roth

...i think i got those right this time...

zerodoll said...

#3 Styx: Mr. Roboto
#4 Tone Loc:Wild Thing?

Domo Arigato, Overread-san.

zerodoll said...

ok, i'm being greedy and taking another:
#7 is Erasure "A Little Respect"

liz said...

#8: Pointer Sisters, "I'm So Excited". And I just can't hide it. I know I know I know I want you. I want you.

Jayfish, #6 is "Just a Gigelo" and DLR did do it, but it was done earlier by someone else whose name I can't remember.

jayfish said...

thanks liz, i knew i had it wrong after i wrote it....

...#1 is by neil diamond but i'm not sure of the title.
turn on your heartlight?