Friday, February 22, 2008

Tonight We Watch Movies in HELL!

Watched 300.

I do enjoy a good popcorn boom boom movie. I like explosions and cheesecake and all that jazz. I understand that people enjoyed the visuals. It was striking, and movies that actually have a unique visual vision are rare, so I guess that's something. I can't really form a coherent paragraph, so bullet points will serve.

  • Why oh why oh why must every 'historically inspired' group of people go off on the importance of their 'country' and the eternal value of 'freedom' regardless of any historical basis?
  • Seriously, even if it was a comment on the modern world, it was incoherent.
  • Those heroic and noble light skinned people surely showed it to those dark skinned evil foreigners, didn't they?
  • Now I ain't no Greek scholar or nothin' but the swipe at Athenians being 'boy lovers?' Umm... Pot or kettle?
  • The entire queen's speech - utter crap. Seriously, I speak to you not as your queen but as a mother? What the hell?
  • Did Sparta even have the position of queen? Also, didn't they have two kings?
Ugh, I've got to stop now.

I understand that it was supposed to be a melodrama, but still...

I'm over-thinking this, aren't I?

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