Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Class is Half Full

Little over half done grading!

See, I promised that I'd have all the papers done on final day. Tomorrow's final day. Because of all the PhD app grief, I didn't really get a chance to look at any of them in detail until today. Bad bad Overread. I figured I'd be spending the night here in the office tonight (we've got a nice couch-ish thing in the conference room if I needed to nap for an hour or two). It's not so bad, because tomorrow all I have to do is proctor the exam at 8am (who scheduled that?), and then at noon I could collect the papers and go home to sleep.

Funny thing is that I think if I can keep this pace, I might be able to finish in enough time to go home and shower, brush teeth (I really should keep a toothbrush in the office), and get a few hours of sleep before the test.

It's a dream, and it prolly won't happen, but everybody's got to have a dream, right?


luckybuzz said...

Good luck with the grading--I'm grading tonight too, and I know it's later here than it is where you are, so really, you're doing good. :)

luckybuzz said...

Oh, did that sound stalkery? Now that I live on the Other Coast I assume everyone is earlier than I am. Well, plus I'm a stalker.

Overread said...

hehe - stalk away, now I know you're on the other coast! That's the evil coast, you know.

Which reminds me, three papers ago I was treated to a description of the 'mid-evil' world.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised any more, but I am...

luckybuzz said...

The "mid-evil" world--isn't that around Kansas?

And you say "stalk away" now, but how will you feel when I'm in your town in 3 weeks and knocking on your door to find out where the next quiz is? :)

(ok, I don't know where your door is.)

Overread said...

3 weeks?


luckybuzz said...


I screw that up every year!

Overread said...

I want a slot at a really good PhD department. And funding. And a kindly and well-connected mentor. And tenure.

And a pony.

mendi-la said...