Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Like a Chicken With Its Head Cut Off

(Shouldn't that saying be 'Like a chicken without its head - cut off?')

I haven't stopped running around in circles (and unfortunately not anywhere else, either. There's hope for a run tonight though) for almost two days straight now. Classes are all gearing up and I'm trying to get a grip on how much of a grip the classes are going to have on
me. I think it's going to be a tight grip though.

Can anyone find out who thought it would be a good idea for me to teach two classes on Friday? At 8 and 9 in the morning? Yeah, get back to me on that one, ok? On the plus side, it should cull out the folks who really don't want to be there. I mean, at least it takes motivation to get up that
early, right? Yeah. For me too.

I'm trying to be a little more healthy in what I eat (partially spurred by my mom, who is becoming quite the epicure of healthy bites from what I hear). So, because I'm a geek, I needed a toy to help.

I'm trying out this place called Nutrax right now. It's a place to log everything you eat, and how much you exercise and all that. Then it harangues you about how bad you're doing. You can also email pictures of what you eat to the site to remind you what you ate when you are logging everything in, although I'm not to sure that's really worth much. There are still a lot of things that aren't in its database, too. So you end up having to type in the nutritional information for the big bag of Skittles that you wolfed down yesterday. Oh, that wasn’t you? Must have been me.

Anyway, it's interesting, but not earth shattering. Although I honestly didn't know that I was regularly eating so much salt. I never add salt into anything pre-made that I eat, but there it is. Oh, and is it bad that I'm getting 1012% of my daily recommended allowance of Vitamin B-12 today? Hope not.


Mon said...

Nutrax sounds interesting. I now I could be a lot healthier but I don't have much clue about what I should add to my diet--think the site is worth signing up for??

Overread said...

Well, the basic service is free, so all you'd lose is time. I have to admit that I've only used it for not even a week now. I've been paying better attention, but I don't know if I'll keep with it.

jayfish said...

that looks like fun. as well as a lot of work. keep us posted on how you're doing! maybe a sidebar thingy with your daily nutritional data! yeah!

sheepish said...

Don't you know? Being a headless chicken can be quite lucrative.

I sort of changed my diet over the course of last semester. The change was mostly not eating horribly fatty muffins every morning and not even buying chips, candy, and ice cream. Seems to have worked pretty well. Good luch with yours.

Camera Obscura said...

Oh, and is it bad that I'm getting 1012% of my daily recommended allowance of Vitamin B-12 today?

Is it B-12 or B-6 that is pyrodoxene? (sp)

Whichever it is, they occasionally recommend it to females for painful menstrual periods -- to be taken only the week before each month. I used it for a while and I don't remember whether it helped that or not, but I do remember that it gave me really weird dreams. Not as bad as prescription decongestants do, but pretty strange.

So yeah, it might. Check WebMD or something to see if you can overdose...

Overread said...

Oh... Well, I'm a grad student, so they are making a bit of cash off of me through cheap labor, so I guess I'm even more of a headless chicken than I thought I was.

As for the vitamins, I can say that I've had no menstrual periods at all, painful or otherwise, so maybe the stuff works.

zerodoll said...

I've been using Calorie King, it's ok, but no info other than calories, carbs, fiber, fat, and protein. But it does have skittles in its database (not that I eat those ever, no!) Nutrax looks interesting...