Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cheney - Not Only Dangerous To Iraqis and Civil Liberties

Cheney Accidentally Shoots Fellow Hunter - Yahoo! News


jayfish said...

latenight talk shows are gonna be all over this one.

wha? republicans are now shooting lawyers? will they stop at nothing to get votes?

shooting lawyers? where can i get in on that!?

Overread said...

Some of my favorite comments from

Not surprising. His aim was off on the Iraq thing too.

Clearly that bird was a terrorist and Cheney was just protecting his friend's freedom. Why do those birds hate our freedom?

I imagine Halliburton will [get] the contract to rebuild this guy.

I still maintain that guns don't hurt people; vice presidents do.

The man probably had WMDs

Just making sure the vice is in vice president.

It's a typo. He was hunting *Quayle*.

This just in: Elmer Fudd is the Vice President

Unfortunately, Cheney faltered during the skiing portion and the gold medal was won by a Swede.

Is there any symbol of machismo that these guys have attempted and not farked up?