Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mad as a February Hare

I really dislike getting my hair cut. It just seems such a waste, so I go to the cheapest places, end up with a bad barber and because I have a bad experience, I like getting my hair cut even less. Today, I decided it had to be done now, or else I'd never have time to get it done until some time in June. Unfortunately, the one dude there at the cheap-o-and-in-biking-distance barber shop was the freaky drug-addled gentlemen. I really don't like him much, but hey, I had hair that needed cutting and there he was, so there I went.

Odd things about the man:

He grunts and breathes heavily all the time. He would make a great spooky caller.

He reeks of cigarette smoke.

He's very twitchy and talkative, but talkative in a "are you stable?" kind of way. Today he couldn't stop talking about one dollar bills. They were short of one dollar bills and man they needed to get more because they only had a few left and I didn't get nearly enough sleep last night I mean I didn't even get to sleep until four in the morning and I've been working all day I'm going to have to take a break soon and we still don't have any ones. (or words to that effect)

He demands that I slouch way way down in the chair - and I'm not a tall man. I can't imagine what he does to tall folks.

ick... Oh, well. It's done now. I have less hair than I did. That's success, I guess.


zerodoll said...

bald is beautiful.

(i hate getting my hairs cut too, that's why i drive 20 minutes away to go to the same woman i've been going to for the last 9 or so years.)

jayfish said...

yeah, what she said...

well, the bald is beautiful part. and technically, i've been going to the same guy to cut my hair for over a decade. me.