Friday, February 17, 2006


Oh, yeah - today's schedule?

8-9 - TA class
9-10 - TA second section
10-11 - High level Gruub studies related class (w/ quiz and discussion - did you do all the readings?)
11-2 - meeting with advisor #3 to go over and completely rebuild section of thesis
1-2 - audit class given by advisor #1 on a topic that I really enjoy
2-3 - work with person from other department on unrelated stuff 'cause I'm a softy and I agree to do just about anything
2-5:30 - meeting with visiting scholar to tear apart and rebuild another part of my thesis
5:30 - ? - create from notes fair copy of thesis chunks that were rebuilt today (I should also get into the analysis too, but I don't think that's happening.

Oh, and I have that huge stack of exams to grade too. It's becoming frighteningly clear that my thesis needs to be gelling very quickly. The pieces are kind of there, but a lot of the analysis isn't. Not yet.

Did you notice that there was no break in there for lunch? I ate a couple slices of pizza while trotting across campus and I was late to the meeting with advisor #3 because of it. Oh yeah, I obviously missed the audit and had to push back the meeting with the visiting scholar.

And I'm hungry again. I may have to go Subway hunting. Or I could just go home and sleep. That sounds good too...

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