Thursday, March 09, 2006

Another Fine Mess I've Gotten Me Into

What am I doing at the office at 8:20pm on a Thursday? Blogging! Err... Well, I'm also putting together a response paper that I kinda forgot about. Yeah, it's due tomorrow. Yeah, I suck.

I also have two sections to run tomorrow. Have I planned them yet? Why, no! Thank you for asking!

Luckily the papers that were due today were all postponed to next Tuesday, so I won't be in grading hell this weekend, but it's all coming to a head in a perfect storm of crapitude. Blech.

Oh, and Nutrax - that cool calorie counting website I've been using seems to have gone kaput. I'm not surprised really. I couldn't see how they could make money, but still, it's sad-inducing.

When is spring break again?


jayfish said...

why? are you heading to cancun *again*!!??

Overread said...

Well, you know the folks at "Overread Gone Wild" want to do another film. They sell well in Germany, I hear.