Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mama Told Me

There'd be days like this.

Nothing really bad happened, but nothing else is happening either.  I wanted to finish off this side project I'm doing today, and I probably could have, but I just can't get moving on it.  I feel so tired.  It's not physical tired, just tired.  I came into the office and set up some stuff, and couldn't get started.  I tried a couple of other things I could be doing but just couldn't get on top of them. 

I think the mentally healthy thing to do is to take a step back.  I'm ok on my deadlines, so I can afford to just go home - maybe pick up something to eat on the way home - maybe even ice cream.  That way I can positively reward my sloth. 

I've got a couple of Netflix offerings at home.  I'll do a little cleaning so that I feel like I got something done and watch a movie or two.

Yes, folks.  This is about as thrilling as my life gets.  feh.

1 comment:

mendi-la said...

ya know, every now and then you gotta slow down and regroup and that can often require some type of sweet delight and a movie :)