Monday, July 03, 2006

The Quiz That Can Be Quizzed Is Not The Eternal Quiz

(bonus points for what the title is riffing on)


A dangerous turn toward the 80’s looms ahead. Well, mostly the 80s…


You know, reading all these lyrics makes me realize that all musicians are psychos. Stalkers and freaks, every last one. Good to know, I guess…


1    Stalker!

I tried to call you before

But I lost my nerve

I tried my imagination

But I was disturbed


2    Don’t break up with me, I’ll change! I need you!

Baby, I think tonight

We can take what is wrong and make it right

Baby, it's all I know

That you're half of the flesh and blood that makes me whole


3    Was that your ex on the phone? I don’t want you talking to him.

Wanna have you near me

I wanna have you hear me sayin'

No one needs you more than I need you


4    umm… psycho much?

I will have you

Yes I will have you

I will find a way and I will have you

Like a butterfly

A wild butterfly

I will collect you and capture you


5    Perhaps if you can’t write the next line, you should wait until you can before you write the next line.

I bought a ticket to the world

But now I’ve come back again

Why do I find it hard to write the next line

When I want the truth to be said


6    This precedes one of the best lines in music history. Ouch!

The tears I cry aren’t tears of pain

They’re only to hide my guilt and shame

I forgive you now I ask the same of you


7    Just. Wow. Funny, but wow.

Like Kurasawa I make mad films

Okay, I don't make films

But if I did they'd have a samurai


8    One of my favorite lyrics ever. I picture all these animals stop motioned in a weird game of red light green light

Animals strike curious poses


9    What?! What am I supposed to do?!

Just remember to always think twice.

Don’t think twice!

Don’t think twice!


10    My apologies for this one – I still like it.

The landlord say your rent is late,

He may have to litigate


11    Um… instead of holding her down, maybe she needs someone to take her to the hospital?

Who's gonna hold you down

When you shake

Who's gonna come around

When you break


12    Stalker!

I’ve been meaning to tell you

I’ve got this feeling that won’t subside

I look at you and I fantasize

You are mine tonight

Now I’ve got you in my sights


Camera Obscura said...

Ok, I'll be good and not do the whole thing just 'cause I got here first...

#1 867-5309/Jennie Tommy Tutone

#7 One Week Barenecked Ladies

#11 Drive The Cars (and I think them re-forming w/o Ric Ocasik is a baaaad thing)

And you're forgiven for #10, I like it too.

Scrivener said...

8. Is the artist not yet at the time known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince. "When Doves Cry."

I refuse to answer the Michael Jackson one though.

sheepish said...

#4 is Obsession, a couple different versions exist, and I can't remember a single artist.

#5 Spandua Ballet - ummmm, Lyrics?

Ok, two half answers is all I can muster.

zerodoll said...

#9 I'm not embarassed to take it, it's The King o' Pop with Billie Jean (not my lover)

#12 Eric Carmen with hungry Eyes (from the best movie EVer, [if you're a girl in the 7th grade.])

jayfish said...

#3 Chicago - You're the Inspiration
#6 Human League - Human

cleanup for sheepish...
#4 i *think* is animotion - obsession
#5 spandau ballet - true

hi from vegas! now we're off to more strippers and booze!!

liz said...

#2 Broken Wings by Mr Mr?

liz said...

And is it my imagination, or is your post title from the Principia Discordia?

Overread said...

Liz - No it's not, but it should be! That looks pretty funny :)