Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blogger Beta

Just go the ok to migrate to the new Blogger Beta. It does look nicer, but there aren't that many changes. I do like the tags... er... they call them 'labels' here. I guess we've got to be different, don't we?

I'm still neck deep in work (isn't this a weekend?) and a bit bummed, so the posting's have been light in quantity and quality, and probably will be for a bit yet.

On the plus side, I did get a chance to go out yesterday and shoot a couple of events. I haven't done that in months. It felt really good to be back there snapping photos, even if it seems that I've forgotten how to take pictures of this kind of event. Ah, well, I got some decent ones anyway :)

Ok, enough dilly dallying, back to work.


jayfish said...

looks like the beta didn't like your blogroll, but otherwise, it looks interesting.

Overread said...

Ack! it ate my blogroll!

Feh... Now I'l have to find out where I put that darn thing...

jayfish said...

oh yeah, cool that you got out to shoot again. did you remember how to hold your camera? remind me to tell you what i've been up to regarding cameras... :)