Monday, August 21, 2006

Mission Complete

Because I have soooo much time on my hands, last spring, I agreed to help out a professor who needed some data work done. It honestly wasn't a lot of work, but it was very... umm... of a specific type that I don't know a lot about. Anywhoo, I finally got it wrapped up and emailed the results to said professor. Praise was heaped upon me for being finished early. Yea me!

It's not publishable material, and I'm it's still problematic in several areas, but the fact that it's done and appreciated makes me happy - And it'll get me a little cash, too!

Now I can put all my free time back to use where it belongs... sadly not frolicking with a bevy of runners-up in the 'I'm a brilliant and beautiful woman' contest (not the winners - they'd be stuck up), but alas, in class prep and trying to organize myself for the upcoming move to New Collegeland.

By the way, I still need a pseudonym for New Collegeland...

  1. New Collegeland (NC)
  2. Holy Crap It's Huge University (HCIHU or HCHU)
  3. Our Teams Can Beat Yours University (OTCBYU)
  4. Urban Blight University (UBU)
  5. Calcutta College, Black Hole (CCBH)
  6. Great Big University (GBU)
  7. PhDU
Those seem a bit evil... Anything better out there? Most of you guys know where I'm going already, right?


zerodoll said...

NC sounds like North Carolina. And wasn't Ubu the dog at the end of "Family Ties?"

BrightStar said...

"a bevy of runners-up in the 'I'm a brilliant and beautiful woman' contest" -- Um, dude, you're hanging out with those ladies when you're in the blogosphere with us!

I have no idea where you're going to grad school, but you can email me and tell me, if you want. :)

jayfish said...

how about.... "the school" yeah... that's a catchy one.

sheepish said...

You should totally email B* and tell her where you're going. ;)