Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Brain Dead Meme!

A Meme? Easy? A window on my dark dark soul? Sign me up!

Via the Janus-like Pilgrim/Heretic

I present to you the first line(s) for each month of the past year-o-blogging (minus run reports)!


More rain - no run


Bloody Vikings...


I loved Choose You Own Adventure books - Something Awful has more of these right here - warning that some things there are, um... a bit tasteless.


"Making Eye Babies" Not Allowed


80 random people + blue polo shirts and khakis + plans to politely hang out at the local Best Buy = Hilarious


First off, an apology to what few loyal readers I've got left for the lack of posts lately. I've been doing the thesis tango with my advisors and a whole lotta caffeine.


Very bizarre surfing gets done late late at night when you're doing laundry (cause it's too bloomin' hot to do laundry during the day).



The Master said, "to see knowledge as knowledge and ignorance as ignorance - this is knowledge."

I shoulda listened to Confucius.



Andre Agassi: Regardless of whether or not you've never actually seen him play or care to, that was a great match.
US Basketball Team: Further evidence that NBA players are just overpaid egomaniacal ball hogs who can't play as a team or the natural result of trying to throw together a team in too short a time? I vote both.


Yesterday was mostly very cool. There was that incident - with the photocopier (I guess we're not supposed to say Xerox machine anymore, are we?). There was also the other incident with the photocopier. All I have to say is that I didn't do it. It was like that when I got there.


I think part of the reason for my lack of posts lately is more than simply the fact that I don’t sit in front of the computer 7 hours out of every day like I did at Old U.


There's a minor ick at USU (Urban Sprawl University - You like?).

So, the lessons learned here are as follows:
  • Pretty much all I do is link - no real content to be found here
  • I also whine.
  • I need to learn to blog better :)

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