Saturday, December 30, 2006

It's Full of Stars

Ok. This requires some delicate maneuvering. Someone who shall remain nameless unless he or she chooses to respond here became a Netflix friend and thus learned all the secrets of my ratings. Now comes the ridicule.

I gave Catwoman 3 stars.

Don't start the intervention yet! See, I give three stars to movies that entertained me, even if they're god-awful pieces of crap, which, I do agree, Catwoman was (other 3 star examples - The Beastmaster, Billy Madison, Earth Girls are Easy and The Fantastic Four). I think the problem is that I rarely watch movies that I don't enjoy on some level. I can generally tell when I'm not going to like 'em. I don't think I have many one or two stars at all. A quick check reveals Anchorman, Lord of War, and Red Corner in the 2 star category, and I'll stand by those. I couldn't even really laugh at those, much less, with them. I'm sure I'll get angry huffs of indignation about Anchorman lovers though. I just couldn't take it.

Ya gotta admit, if you watched Catwoman, I bet you laughed. Maybe not where the filmmakers wanted you to, but I bet you did :)


Dear Lovey Heart said...

I don't believe you that there is actually a movie entitled "The Beastmaster"

that is ridiculous

Overread said...

Oh, believe it. The best actors involved were two ferrets.

jayfish said...

ahh yes, he admits his sick love for bad movies...

still, 3 stars? z and i think they need a "i kinda liked it" score of 2.5 stars.

and i won't even start on the movies i see in your queue!

mendi-la said...

i really liked the beastmaster! i would have given it 4 stars for entertainment value :) the ferrets garnered much attention and now have spawned a nation of ferret owners - i do believe there is a correlation.

sheepish said...

Dude. Just dude.

Oh, but wait. The Beastmaster was pretty cool. I certainly couldn't come up with the name "Dar" from memory. Nope. Not at all.