Friday, December 29, 2006

Rock Quizster

Well, here we go. I was going to wait until the new year to start this, but hey, I was folding laundry while the tunes raged and I was inspired. First off, I'd like to thank those readers who have held on and kept visiting. I'm such a needy person. I love it when you respond.

So, without further ado, back by popular demand, I bring to you, the rebirth of luke warm:


Ok, you remember the drill. We need the title of the song and the artist (or "artist" in some cases). Arguing over who did the best cover of an original is encouraged, but Janis kicks Kris' ass at Bobby McGee, and that can be changed by neither men nor gods.

I'm going to mix those standard questions up with some short answers - no True/False or multiple choices (so far :) ) Also, I've made no attempt whatsoever to reconcile these with the earlier billions or quizicles, so expect review questions of songs we've already covered. You have been reviewing all semester long, haven't you?

She helped me with my suitcase,
She stands before my eyes
Driving me to the airport,
And to the friendly skies.
Sometimes, tell me
While she's touching you
Just by mistake
Accidentally do you say my name?
Old friends meet on the edge of town
Sharing conversation, hoping things will soon get better
While the children meet, got the world at their feet
Not knowing whats around the corner
Are we living for an uncertain future?
Don't be afraid to try again
Everyone goes south
Every now and then
You've done it, why can't
Someone else?
Out on the wiley, windy moors
We'd roll and fall in green.
You had a temper like my jealousy:
Too hot, too greedy.
How could you leave me,
When I needed to possess you?
I hated you. I loved you, too.
I was living for a dream, loving for a moment
Taking on the world, that was just my style
Then I touched your hand, I could hear you whisper...
I could leave but I won't go
Though my heart might tell me so
I can't feel a thing from my head down to my toes

Short Answer (Bonus points for title and artist)

Who might declare us "the nicest of the damned?"

9. What is it that brings out the man in me?

10. Where might you find a one-man band who'll toot his flute for you?

11. What did you swear the time before?


jayfish said...

i'm way too rusty at this point (and probably a little intoxicated) but i think....

#6 survivor - the search is over

good to see you mr. quiz!

zerodoll said...

#7 Phil Collins "That's All"

Thanks for the memories, Mr. Quizmaster.

liz said...

#9, "I guess it's just the woman in you that brings out the man in me" Feels Like the First Time. Foreigner. Bleah.

liz said...

#11, "never again is what you swore the night before."

sheepish said...

I too am rusty. And late.

#3 is Erasure, "Ship of Fools" I think.