Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Don't Fear The Linker

For those of you who have a music try-out service like Yahoo Unlimited, or those sad little 30 second teases from iTunes, check out John Allison (of the laugh-out-loud comic Scary-Go-Round) as one of the characters reviews his favorite 20 albums of 2005. He's only up to #9 (number nine... number nine...), but he updates M-F regularly. You can start here at #20. As those of you who do the quizzes know, I fear any music recorded after, say, 1987, but I have to admit enjoying quite a few of his choices. And, of course, Shelly's (the character) reviews are giggle-worthy as well.

Completely unrelated, but worth a click is the Twelve Days eBay.

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