Thursday, December 29, 2005

It's a Quiz, But It's a Dry Quiz.

Whew. Last application is done. Nothing left but the mailing, which I'll take care of tomorrow. So let's do some quizzing! Well, how about I do the quizzing and you folks do the answering? Ok, I think that'll work out for the best, too.

You guys rock! Last quiz, only #8 gave you problems.

Ozzy Osbourne, Crazy Train. Ok, ok, ok... maybe a bit obscure, but, hey, that's what I do.

Russian Violets kindly requested a little 80s lovin', so I've been tuned to a couple of 80s stations, but no promises :)

#1 -
She has a built in ability
To take everything she sees
And now it seems I’m falling, falling for her.
#2 -
Cause baby we’ll be
At the drive-in
In the old man’s ford
Behind the bushes
#3 -
Message keeps getting clearer, radio’s on and I’m moving round the place
I check myself out in the mirror I wanna change my clothes my hair my face
#4 -
will the wind ever remember
The names it has blow in the past?
And with this crutch, it’s old age, and it’s wisdom
It whispers no, this will be the last
#5 -
He went to fight wars
For his country and his king
Of his honor and his glory
The people would sing
#6 -
Sittin’ in the classroom thinkin’ it’s a drag
Listening to the teacher rap--just ain’t my bag
When two bells ring you know it’s my cue
Gonna meet the boys on floor number 2
#7 -
By now the fighting will be close at hand
Don’t believe the church and state
And everything they tell you
Believe in me, I’m with the high command
#8 - I can't believe we haven't done this one yet. Maybe we have...

When the mirror crashed I called you

And turned to hear you say

If only for today

I am unafraid
#9 -
So when you sense a change
Nothing feels the same
All your dreams are strange
#10 -
I bought a toothbrush, some toothpaste
A flannel for my face
Pajamas, a hairbrush
New shoes and a case
I said to my reflection
Let’s get out of this place


zerodoll said...

#2 Poison- Talk Dirty to Me (Their greatest song EVER!)

#6 Motley Crue- Smokin' in the Boys' Room (I know someone else did this originally but I don't know who.)

Hair bands rock!

jayfish said...

#1 Invisible Touch - Genesis
#10 Tempted - Squeeze

yay for the 80's!

Suzanne said...

#7 Silent Running by Mike + the Mechanics

#8 Take My Breath Away by Berlin

mc said...

#3 - Dancing in the Dark, The Boss

liz said...

#5 Lucky Man, E.L.P.
#9 Love Comes Walking In, Van Halen