Sunday, December 25, 2005

Photos - Now With Explanations!

Ok, well, it seems as though I need to learn how to use this new fangled technology thing. I tried to blog from the cell phone, but none of my comments came through. So, here are the comments for the two photos

Can you read this? It says "we support our troops in the middle east." first off, do we really need to be told this via the side of an airplane? Secondly, does this mean they don't support our troops in other places? Also of note, this patriotic plane was late. So, I missed my connection. So, I'm in an airport at 2:31am waiting for an 8-ish flight. On the fun side, I'm writing this on my cell.

This is the airport carpet on which I napped at about 2-3 in the morning on Christmas Eve day.

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BrightStar said...

thanks... much less random now.