Thursday, January 19, 2006


Like you want another post about how crazy-busy I've become. Well, unfortunately that's what this is. Enjoy :)

Actually I'm not whining. The only downside is that I'm way behind on my running and blog reading (and my thesis, but I'm beginning to understand that's the norm).

Best class o' the moment:

I've got a seminar that is taught by my advisor, so it's great already, but it's gathering interest from other quarters. From the beginning, another big-name faculty sat in, and now we hear murmurs that a up-and-comer faculty is interested in sitting in too. Normally this might be troublesome, especially if my advisor weren't truly expert in the field, but he is, and the whole class has turned into an incredible round table discussion of the topic. Advisor prompts the discussion, but it's free-wheeling and hitting topics that we couldn't cover as completely without big-name. Adding the up-and-comer, who is an expert in a subfield of what we're dealing with, but in a different way, should be even my interesting.

This is what I had hoped university would be. Experts dealing with vital topics and pulling from each other, while students follow and learn how to enter the discussion. Each of us will present a very brief review of material and try to add to the discussion. This may sound like a typical seminar, but with the two (3?) faculty coming at the problem from different angles, it's better than any other I've had. Today the class went on about an hour longer than it should have and no one wanted to leave.

How am I going to leave this place?

Alright, this was more gush than while, but oh, well.

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