Monday, February 20, 2006

Open Mic Night

The second installment of the Open Mic Night will have a new rule!

We're still using Haiku of 5-7-5 syllables, but now, since this is a poetry gathering of the finest and most sensitive natures, there is an added requirement. The opening line of your haiku must contain one idea that was used in the previous haiku (best if from the last line).

I'll start with...

A black satin vest,
Sleeves - fishnet, his eyes - bloodshot
Goth out in daylight

My President's Day:
Gym-less run, endless reading
What is this 'Day Off?'

Remember, good poetry is not allowed! :)


Camera Obscura said...

A "Day Off" with kids:
Late breakfast, too much TV --
"Maaaaahmm! I'm booooooorred again!"

Overread said...

Olympics again
Twirling skirts on dropped women
Ice-dancing must hurt

sheepish said...

Olympic fever
Hot and sweaty, eyes are blurred
Wait, that's real fever.

sheepish said...

The N-B-C rocks
Wit, wisdom - I heart Bob Costas!
If "heart" means abhor.

zerodoll said...

Head first down the chute,
Skeleton makes me queasy.
Ice dancing does too.