Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Return to Sender, Ethics Unknown.

Dear Student,

Do you really believe that by claiming plagiarism isn't plagiarism, that it will magically disappear? Do you think that when I noticed that those sentences were identical that maybe I was delusional? You can look at the paper and the text as well as I can. Do you see where I might think you using the exact sentences from the text might be scholastically suspect?

The lesson for today is how to own up to your mistakes and take responsibility. The lesson for today is not obfuscation and evasion. That will be taught in Polysci 9999, Ethics in Governmental Leadership Positions.

Yours in embarrassment,


Camera Obscura said...

Ooh, you farm your Poly Sci classes out to the federal government?

luckybuzz said...

"The lesson for today is not obfuscation and evasion."

Damn, that's the part I studied for!