Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hooray for a Mental Health Day!

Today was very fun. This weekend, I'm only 125% behind schedule instead of the standard 200%, so, rather than catch up on Saturday and Sunday, I took a mental health break today. It was a bit of a journey, but I headed out to a Major Metro Museum! yea for museums!

I generally go to museums alone so that I can hover over things that I like and not worry about other folks getting too bored. It was a good thing today, too. The main big touring exhibit they had there was very underwhelming to me. I wont go into details, lest I blow what's left of my cover, but it was a fairly big to do about a name most of you recognize - and aside from a few interesting pieces, it felt pretty flat. Eh.

On the up side, their permanent exhibit was very yummy. One of the areas that I would have loved to see was closed for remodeling, but there was a nice European Renaissance and Medieval section as well as some really kick-ass South and Southeast Asia stuff.

Most entertainingly, the permanent exhibits allow photography. Joy!

So, if you are inclined, take a browse of my flickr stream, and if you recognize the place, don't out me. Just reply smugly in the comments - You could also help out tagging :) I always forget to take notes, so, I get confused and forget who folks are. For those who know me, I put up full size versions of the photos on the other cooler-than-flickr website, so you can go there too if you like.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oh, Taft. Taft, Taft...

I installed a 'How'd you get here?' thingamajig over on the side there and it says that someone found this place by searching for 'Taft.'

Oh, yeah. I think I'm going to turn this into an all Taft all the time channel. I think Clearchannel can get me the music for that, right?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Several With My Pseudonym on Them

Random bullets o' joy

  • >2 grad students in any gathering outside campus = juicy gossip. Seriously, I mean, he did what? I can kind of see why she might be like that, but that person over there has no excuse. Oh, yeah, how did he get accepted? Lastly, it is a bit disillusional that she thinks we all agree with her. I don't think anyone does. Catty, catty, catty.
  • This three day weekend is brought to you by the letter 'G.' G as in grading until my eyes pop out because I haven't been grading in daily steady chunks like I should have been.
  • I took an incomplete on a paper in the fall, and I need to get it in in the next few weeks. It's not anywhere closer than it was at the beginning of winter break. Also, whatever enthusiasm I had for the topic is completely gone. That's a job for tomorrow-me.
  • The marathon may be off. I tweaked my leg a little bit and am not able to put in the mileage I need to. I feel a bit disappointed, since I did buy the 'In Training' T-shirt, but I guess that's not a lie really. I am in training. I just might not run it.
Feh - that's all for now. Time to make the donuts. er.. Time to get back to grading.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Just a quick note to wish one and all a happy year o' the pig. It's a golden pig, so it's supposed to be a great year for having babies, making money, just about anything. I know, I know, they say that for every year, but I'm sure this time they really mean it.

Just remember to change the year on your checks (does anyone use checks anymore?) - it's the year 4705, in case you hadn't been keeping track.

I've checked, and we oxen are supposed to have a great year - fortune, love and happiness and all that, and all I can say is that it's about time.

Check out your upcoming year here or here, I have no doubt that either site upholds the highest credibility that can be given to any astrology website.

It's also worthwhile to go and see a chubby new-year space baby handing flowers to the moon-rabbit with a panda in the background. He's here about halfway down the page.