Saturday, May 03, 2008

Notes From Iron Man

Trailer for "The Happening" - oh no. This looks nearly as bad as that motel swimming alien movie. It's a really bad sign when your trailer's main selling point is a repeated earsplitting jarring 'uh-oh something dramatic happened' thump.

Trailer for the Hulk. There cannot be anything in the full movie that wasn't shown in the trailer. Meh.

Trailer (for some reason not online yet? Only could find the shorter trailer) for Indiana Jones - ok, I'll bite. looks fun. looks better that the second, but probably not as good as the first or third.

A TV remake of the Andromeda Strain? Ok, cool. Might be interesting.

Ah, the movie. I've read a whole lot of geekgasm about how this is the best geek movie evar, yadda yadda, and I guess it's probably one of the best comic book adaptations, but that's really not saying much. When your historical competition includes "Howard the Duck," well, it's not hard to excel. That's not to say that it's a bad movie - it does really well as a fun popcorn movie, but don't go in thinking you're going to see a really great flick.

  • So, explosions - check
  • cool suit - check
  • cool fight sequences - check
  • Reminding me of my serious crush on Gwyneth Paltrow -check (where is my copy of "Shakespeare in Love?"
  • Black Sabbath - check, but maybe not enough.
  • predictable villain/plot/dead friend/etc... etc... - check
If I remember, wasn't Tony Stark supposed to be an alcoholic? Wouldn't have been funny to see Mr. Downey Jr. play up the whole addiction thing? hmm?

All in all, it's good especially if you're just looking for a boom-boom flick or you are a fan of comicy-geeky goodness.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Best overheard: From a female student looking at her neighbor's laptop in the back row of an undergrad class I'm taking: "Oh my god! It's like three tranny hookers!"

I tried so hard to eavesdrop for the rest of the conversation, but no luck

Runner up, walking back to the office, "No, the first testament was like so cool! Everyone went around smiting each other!"