Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Things I Don't Care To See

And yet I saw and heard them today:

  • Going to get a bit o' caffeine this morning, what to my wandering (wondering?) eyes should appear, but a man kneeling and bent over on the ground as if in prayer. With his pants around his ankles. full moon. And lets say charitably that he hadn't... washed... much recently. By the time I got out of the store, there was a man talking to him, telling him that the cops were on the way and he might think is wise to skedaddle. The pious gentleman screeched, "I can pray here! I've got every right to pray here!" As I left, the gentleman was prostrating himself again and pulling his pants down further. It was also pretty cold.
  • I grabbed lunch on the way to class, and had a few minutes, so I sat down to eat near a couple of young men talking to an much older woman. My first thought was that it was probably a prof talking to a couple of undergrads - cool. I love that. That wasn't it. the woman became very agitated and started in on the men, making it quite clear to them that being Jewish wasn't going to do them a lick of good when they were in hell, because that's absolutely where they were going and only by accepting Jesus as their personal saviour... I have to admit I tuned out after that. By the time I finished my lunch and headed off to class, she had accosted a few other students in the area. She avoided me. It's not that I'm not grateful, but I wonder why?
Now I'm home and it's not late at all, but I just feel so exhausted. Everyone I know is sick or getting sick out just getting better. I don't feel sick at all just very very tired. Perhaps this is my body's warning to take it easy. So I'm going to curl up with a book and some tea, and rest. Maybe sleep. Who knows.

No Fair

Newspapers should not be allowed to reprint the crossword puzzle from yesterday, accidentally or no.