Saturday, September 17, 2005

Value Subtracted

Do I really need the USPS adding an AOL CD in my change of address packet?

No.  The answer is no.  

Does anyone use AOL anymore?

Practice Makes Perfect

The rehearsal for the wedding I’m shooting was today.  The ceremony is tomorrow.  I’m actually not sure what we can legally call it, since it’s two women getting married, and that’s still not legal here.  Unfortunately, one family isn’t coming to the ceremony because they don’t approve.  I just can’t fathom that.  

It’s fun to see people that I deal with at the university reduced to quivering masses of love and nerves in public.  They wrote their own vows, and from the way they reacted while reading them today, it may be the first time that they’ve really publicly talked about how they feel.  Very sweet.

The ceremony is in a gorgeous park with views of everything beautiful in our neighborhood.  There’s a little earthen stage with a tree growing from it.  There are flowers and butterflies and birds everywhere.  

They’re two wonderful people who really love each other.  I hope that I can do justice to the ceremony with my photographs.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Oh, yes.

There is good news.  Maybe.

There are good rumors. Definitely.

Rumors of employment.

There is a very sneaky little birdie who told me that another graddie and I may each get our very own class next summer after we get my MAs.  

Would I be interested in staying here in the summer to teach my own class at this world-class university?


Yes, please.

Run Singular Sensation

11.24km – 1:02’44”

Yeah!  Felt pretty good too, except for the sand (?) that got into my sock.  Grrr…

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

More Rambling on Application Joy

I can’t imagine the thrill that the admissions committees will feel at combing my transcript from a university I attended in 1991 for relevance.  Because let me tell you, it’s a great joy to go back and try to figure my GPA in my major from back then too…

“Hmm…  He got a less than spectacular grade in freshman Geology in ’91… perhaps let’s not admit him…”

Being on an admissions committee has got to suck the brain out of a skull, right?  Statements of Purpose are all well and good, but how can you really know what you’re dealing with?  I guess the main weight has to go with recommendations from academics you know and trust…

Remind me to butter up my recommenders…  Hmm… cookies?  Flattery?  Actually doing good work and research? Nah – that can’t be it…

Junior and Senior

Again, my brother comes through with the linkage...

(music and video)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Walls Are Closing In

Ok – this needs its own post because, well… because.

1 – They changed from a brown trash can liner to a grey one.  Is there some deeper meaning in this?
2 – Why are have there been a circle of women chanting outside my window the past couple of days?  I mean, seriously, school hasn’t even started yet.  The last chant I watched had forty or so women playing something akin to Duck Duck Goose, but it involved dancing around in a circle when the er.. Goose goosed you.  Odd…  Ah, I just now finally understood some of the chant – “Alpha Chi Omega, we’ll always be true.”  I guess that clears that up. Although, if they're always true, that might be rough on the true/false exams.  Wikipedia tells me, “Some famous alumni include Condoleeza Rice, Dawn Wells, Agnes Nixon, and Trista Rehn Sutter.”  It’s heartening is a scary way that I could have a future Condi Rice outside my window.

I definitely need to go home.

You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

Something unexpectedly cool happened today.  I got to sit down and chat with a prof that I don’t get to see much of.  He’s a fairly big wig in a field related to what I do and a mover and shaker in the department.  I’ve taken a class or three from him, but I’ve never worked with him that closely.  Anyway, he wanted to know about my summer and what I was up to generally, and we talked about all the joy of my thesis, but then the conversation changed.  
We began to talk about the department and the people that are coming and going and such.  Our department is fairly small but very much on the up (I’m biased, obviously, so cope).  We are in the process of building a PhD program and a couple other specialty fields that would make us quite literally unique in the US.  So, without me even mentioning my PhD hunt, he said that when we get the PhD program up and running (probably a year after I should get my MA), that I should definitely apply.
This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this.  I’ve gotten it from another ex-chair last spring.  The current chair also just happened by my office yesterday and chatted for half an hour or so too.
I don’t think that I’ll be here for my PhD, partially because I want to get into it as soon as I get my MA, but also because I’m not sure I want to spend another big chunk of my life in this area, but it’s nice to feel wanted!  

Of course, I could take a year abroad after the MA and do research and then apply… If only I could get funding…

A-Run, A-Two, A-Run Two Three Four

11.22km – 1:03’11”

Woohoo!!  Campus run rocks!  I was able to keep the pace under 6 min per lap and ended up averaging 5’37/km.  I didn’t think I’d be able to keep a good pace, but I did!  And I’ve only got a couple of places threatening to blister (newish shoes still) – no joint creaking or other frightening pains.

Yea me!

Monday, September 12, 2005


Got a call at 6:30 this morning from a friend in Paris.  She just wanted to let me know that she was having a great time and remind me that I wasn’t there.  I was fourth on her list of people to call and taunt.

Cruel, I tell you, just cruel.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

That Boy Ain't Right.

Yesterday was spent almost entirely in wallowing in tv.  Between football (did anyone see the Texas Ohio game?  I don’t have any allegiance to either team, I was just so happy to see a good close game.  You don’t see that in college football much anymore.) and tennis (Woohoo Go Agassi!  Very nice to see Cljsters win too.  I like Pierce too, but the injury time outs she took against Dementieva kinda bothered me a little bit), I didn’t get much else done.  It’s funny too, because I haven’t spent an entire day watching sports since… maybe since I was in the army?

What did I do between games and during commercials?  I read Pride and Prejudice.  Then after the games were over, I watched the movie Holes on the Disney Channel.  By the way – that was a really good movie.  I remember thinking that I should see it when it came out, but I never did.  Highly recommended.

Today, I’m going to a bridal shower.

Let’s see – I think I’ve become all the marketing target audiences, right? Males, females, kids… yeah – I think I’m doing good here.