Monday, December 03, 2007

The Down Side of Extra Pre-Exam Office Hours

I really love my students. I love teaching so very much.

But perhaps... Perhaps I need to set boundaries better.

Telling them that I would be in my office all evening and that they were welcome to come in and discuss any part of the upcoming exams led to five student visits.

The last one left at 8:45pm.

And I hadn't even started any of the many projects and assignments that I needed to finish.

Bad time-manager. Bad.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The 13.1 Mile Strip Run

  • making your starting point a place that is not served by public transportation is not cool
  • providing a shuttle service from another place that is not served by public transportation is also not cool
  • As it was chilly before the run, the space heaters were welcome (although completely inadequate for the masses of people there)
  • Also, would it have killed you guys to get a coffee place or a bagel place to sponsor a warm stand at the start? (like every other run I've gone to in this area)
  • Great route and route management
  • Drummers and bands along the route? Most excellent!
  • With the exception of that one band that wasn't playing when I ran by.
  • Bonus points for the very shady drum circle type folks who didn't seem to be part of the official run, but happily banged out a strange rhythm as we went by
  • Extra super bonus points for the local high school marching band drum line that showed up. Those folks rocked.
The title comes from the fact that, 'cause we don't actually get chilly weather over here, many runners were really spooked. Much like the campus-folk who turn out in pink-fur-lined parkas and ugg boots (but with miniskirts) when it gets, well, seasonable, these runners were wearing waaaay too much clothing. I even wore a long-sleeve shirt, which is still hard for me to believe.

Anyway, about 2 or 3 miles into the run, people started stripping. I imagined that it was a game where everyone had to take off a piece of clothing at every mile-marker. Gloves were flung into bushes. Sweat-shirts soared awkwardly into the air above the throng as if in celebration. I saw several folks attempt to wriggle out of a spandex-tight outer layer while keeping up their pace. Imagine in your mind a big buff guy running at a pretty good clip with both arms straight in the air, bound together in an underarmor version of the hot dog suits that run around the bases at the 7th inning stretch at baseball games. Oh, and he's naturally blinded by the shirt too. That should be in the dictionary under the heading: Joy.

I was actually pretty bummed that everyone was basically just littering, but the cast-off gear was funny to see. I'm going to imagine that they either went back to pick up what they threw, or that maybe someone else went collecting and dropped it all off at the second hand store or something. Hey, let me have my illusions!

Oh, my time: 1:46:35