Thursday, April 26, 2007

Grease is the Word

So every Thursday is happy hour night at the local campus bar. Half price booze and half price deep-fried everything. Oh, and nachos.

But it's from 4-6. So, I always think I'm going to get work done afterward.

I'm funny like that.

And I'm not getting any work done tonight.

Ah, good times.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Best Typo Ever.

This is related to the sections before and after, but basically elf-sufficient in its argument.

Well, most of my arguments are rather founded on the mythical...

I'm glad I caught it before submitting it to this week's seminar group, but I've half a mind (I know) to keep it in there.

elf-sufficient. That's almost as good as significant otter.

Trappings of Wisdom

1. PhD dissertation for someone out there: How is it possible for headphone wires to get so impossibly tangled.

2. I like to think about what the ancient masters that I'm reading right now might think about me reading their deep words of wisdom while listening to Derek and the Dominoes. I like to think that this particular author I'm reading would be furious. Somehow it makes me smile.